衛星写真で日本百名山の穂高岳を眺めてみよう|Let's look at the satellite image of Mount Hotaka, one of japan famous 100 mountains.

穂高岳 / Mount Hotaka







明神岳 / Mount Myōjin


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There is no general climbing road, almost a zile is indispensable. There is also a route that can run even without the zile, but means that you can do without using the zile work to the last.

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Un lieu privilégié majestueux endroit idyllique une ligne de crétes pour flàner révasser flacher sur les sommets enneigés pour nous émerveiller nous faire fantasmer

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前穂高岳北尾根 / Maehotaka kitaone


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There is a mountain trail until about the peak of Gimpe-six, but from there to the summit is a super-advanced course, is it possible to see the Raccoon rock around the side of the six peaks? First of all it is a funny thing

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白出沢 / Shiradashisawa


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Climbing road for senior citizens, where the galleing field continues indefinitely. Shinodaru outburst from Shinhotaka Onsen, when you pass through the forest zone, Shigutaro Bridge. Pass through the rocky ladder. Just climbing the galleing area all the time, but Higashidakadake Sanso is located on the tip we climbed.

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In the summer of 2018, Shinhotaka high ~ Okuhakodake-dake day trip through Gendarumu? I went by at late - night mountain to go to Nishiho. Attention is paid to the way of Sawa at midnight. The floating stone is steep slope.

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キレット / Dai kiretto


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Although I passed about 15 years ago, I did not think that the chains etc. were properly maintained and I did not think there was a "difficulty" written on climbing guide. Rather, there was a difficulty that I could not pass unless I had to do a little extra on the way to Hokkori. I packed the awning and the luggage was big and tight.

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When I went down I could not see the gas down, I did not understand the magnitude at all. The course will not get lost as the arrows and batu circle are written. On weekdays in September, with no crowd waiting without anyone coming, I ate at breakfast at Yanagadake Sanso and then departed and arrived at Hokutokobaki cabin at 12 o'clock

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南岳 / Minamidake

この秋、長峰山から南岳の頂頭部を確認する。 新雪により際立って見る事が出来た。 松本では、裏銀座ルートの常念岳蝶ヶ岳が重なり見ることが出来ない。

松本駅辺りから槍ヶ岳の頂頭部を見ることが出来る。 穂高連峰を見るには、1,500m以上の標高が必要です。 初冠雪のお土産で、普段は判別できない南岳を見ることが出来ました。



もちろん眺望も利きます。 結局、北穂高岳手前のA沢のコルと言われる場所から北穂高岳までが難所のハイライトとなります。ただし、噂ほどではありません。



南岳小屋 / Minamidake hut


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The tent site was well-conditioned and comfortable. A grouse was walking beside the tent. Because it is in front of the big quilt, I think that a plan to walk a large killet on the next day after resting the body overnight at this place is also good.

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It is in the middle of Yakugatake and Hotaka, and for many users a big quilt will be the purpose. It is not a big hut because the predecessor is a shelter cabin but it is a good hut. Notice that the business period is shorter than the spear, Kitaho's hut. Minamidake New road is rather hard.

There is a helmet lending. It is possible to return it at Kitaho.

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穂高岳山荘 / Hotakadake Sanso




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We stayed on the first day of July 3rd holidays where crowded expectations came.

There were many people indeed, but in the room that was set up at check-in after 13 o'clock, there was one futon space per person. Dinner was at least four rotations, the first was started at 17 o'clock, the fourth turn was announced around 19 o'clock.

Also, since it is open to the east and west, if the weather is nice, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset view.

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A big mountain hut in Kolu of Okuhiko and Mt. There is also a tent site. Water is also relatively abundant in the summer. People say that two people in a futon and meals may be in a fourth round at the peak. The next weekend of August 's Bon festival, one meal for a futon, meal was 2.5 rounds. There is also a large self-catering space, as well as a large selection of shops and snacks. It was nice that the toilet was also cleaned by rinsing with gender and clean, and the sound of the next box was hard to come across. There was mobile charge (chargeable) service as well. DoCoMo's radio waves enter.

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穂高岳 / Mount Hotaka


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The altitude is 3190 m, Japan's third largest. Generally it is called Okuhako-dake. The summit is unexpectedly wide, the side of the hanging roof prevents the wind and is a suitable place for breaks. There is a broad peak with a certain highest point of the shrine and a mountain identification plate. If there is no gas, you can see the northern alps such as Gendarum and Kasagatake in the southwest, hanging ridge and front Hotaka in the southeast, and Mt. Hikawake and Hotakodake in the northern part, Mt. Futakadake, Mt. Otaki in the distance. It takes about 40 minutes from Hotakadake Sanso. The mountain village lies on the steep slope of the ladder and the Kusari field, but it is basically a well-established climbing road.

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Fuji in the first place and Kita - dake in the second place are not near, either. Everything is super spectacular under the eyes. It is very crowded in front of a shrine at the top of the mountain. No, I came ... I came, I came to such a place ~.

Bathe in fresh morning sun and cosmic rays, sinking clear air and continental pollutants. Around Mai! Many other civilians! It is a sanctuary of restricted people with physical strength, unlike those who are walking with shoes rubbing.

It takes 1 day from Kamikochi and Yarugadake. Both climbing and downtown are about Kitsuie. There are also a few Mets appearing to the west gladly. You can not afford that way.

Hotaka - between the spears is a route for advanced players. Risk of lightning and lightning in the afternoon. I do not have enough time.

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奥穂高岳涸沢岳北穂高岳前穂高岳西穂高岳明神岳などの峰々からなる穂高連峰の総称。前穂高岳以外は主に長野県松本市岐阜県高山市の境界に位置している。主峰は奥穂高岳であり、長野県 (信州) と岐阜県 (飛騨) の最高峰である。 北は大キレットの峻険な登降を経て、南岳、大喰岳の先の槍ヶ岳に連なっている。南は奥穂高岳より西穂高岳に至る痩せ尾根を経て、焼岳へと連なる。奥穂高岳より吊り尾根を経て、前穂高岳に至り、カール (圏谷) を下れば、上高地河童橋に至る。また、岐阜県側に穂高岳山荘から白出沢を下るか、あるいは西穂高岳からロープウェーかその下の道を下れば、新穂高温泉である。

穂高岳は、剱岳谷川岳と共に日本三大岩場に数えられている。特に、涸沢岳から南岳の稜線の飛騨側には、谷川岳一の倉沢と並ぶ有数の岩場滝谷を擁する。滝谷は急峻なだけでなく、崩れやすい岩も多く、岩の墓場と形容される。また、前穂高岳の東側、奥又白谷の上部も角度の高い岩壁となっている (前穂東壁と呼ばれる) 。



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Hotakadake (Hotaka) is a mountain of 3,190 m above sea level in the Hida mountain range (Northern Alps) of Chubu Mountains National Park. Takamine of Japan's third largest. It is selected as one hundred famous mountains of Japan, one hundred new mountains of New Japan and one hundred famous flowers.

It is a collective term of the Hotaka mountain ranges consisting of peaks such as Okuhako-taki, Daini-dake, Hokkaido High-dake, Maeko Takatake, Nishihodaka-dake, Mingjikdake. Other than Maeko Takatake is mainly located at the border between Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture and Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. The main peak is Oko Takatake, the highest peak in Nagano Prefecture (Shinshu) and Gifu Prefecture (Hida). After going down steeply in the great killet in the north, it is connected to Yanigatake, ahead of Minamidake and Daimake. The south passes from the Okuhatakuchadake to the Nishi Hodakatake, a slim ridge, leading to Yakedake. From Okuhiko Taketake to the Kamikochi Kappa Bridge, after passing through the hanging ridge, leading to Komori Takatake, and going down the curl (river valley). Also, if you go down Hakodakado Sanso from the Hotakadake Sanso in Gifu Prefecture side, or if you go down the road underneath the ropeway from Nishi Hodakadake, it is Shinhotaka Onsen.

Hotakudake is counted as three major rocky areas in Japan along with Mt. Especially, on the Hida side of the ridge line of Minamidake from Damezakari-dake, it has one of the most rocky field Takitani alongside Kurazawa of Mt. Tanigawa. Takitani is not only steep, but also many rocks that are easily to collapse are described as grave places of the rock. In addition, the upper part of Okuma Takatake, the upper part of Okuma Shiratani is also a high rock wall (called the front ear wall).

The Hokusawa which becomes the base of Hotakadake climb is a sphere valley gulped down by a U shape from a hanging ridge sandwiched between Okuhiko Takayama and Komabori Takatake, leaving a snowy river even in the summer.

Comparing it to its form as a festival tool, it was once called "Mitakeake". Hotaka's name was stated as "Hoyaaki" in the national picture of 1646 (3 years old). In 1693 (Genroku 6th year), it was described as "Hotaka Utame" by the prince of Hotaka Shrine. The name of Hotakatake is believed to be the trigger of the naming of Masao Udo who made the first longitudinal run from Yatsugatake to Hotakatake in 1909.